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An authentic heritage garden dating back to c1870…

The extensive gardens at Glen Isla House date back to c1870 and the original homestead at Glen Isla is one of the oldest homes on the island.  Now preserved for future generations by owners Ian and Madeleine, only house-guests at Glen Isla House have exclusive access and use of these very private gardens to enjoy.  The gardens are not open to the public.  Our professional gardener takes pride in maintaining these authentic heritage gardens.

Very low rainfall during 2006 and 2007 resulted in the driest spring time since records have been kept.  The local water authority imposed extremely stringent water use restrictions all over Phillip Island.  Town supplied water cold not be used for watering of lawns and gardens at any time under the restrictions.  At Glen Isla we have invested in considerable rain-water storage tanks with pressure pump systems, which allowed us to preserve these magnificent historic gardens during the difficult drought periods.  Today the gardens have fully recovered, doing well and can be enjoyed by resident guests.

The historic and original Glen Isla homestead is a heritage listed property, now fully restored and the private residence of the hosts Madeleine and Ian.  Guests wishing to stay in historical lodgings should consider the Anderson Suite Cottage (originally part of the heritage house and now a separate historic luxury guest suite/cottage)

Set in 2 acres (some 8,000 square meters), Glen Isla House offers absolute privacy.  

A pristine sandy beach is 100 metres from the rear-gate (direct access), for a swim in warmer months or perhaps a sunset stroll along the water’s edge.

Three 100 year-old oak trees, and five mature Norfolk Pines provide the backdrop to a magnificent garden landscape with secluded sitting areas and the purpose-built private Wine Cellar at Glen Isla.  A 'magnolia grandiflora' adjacent to the Anderson Suite Cottage is estimated at around 100 years old.  It flowers each year providing wonderful garden scents.  Manicured lawn areas offer serene garden benches and sun-lounges for guests to switch-off from the outside world.



For many months of the year, the breakfast tables are adorned with fresh flowers from the Glen Isla gardens.  A kitchen herb garden provides fresh herbs daily for Glen Isla's legendary special breakfasts - served at individual tables.




Gardens & Outdoor Living Magazine



"Plant People" featured Madeleine Baker (co-owner of Glen Isla) and her passionfruit vines.  Lisa Habermann from Gardens and Outdoor Living visited Glen Isla on her quest for interesting articles about people and their gardens.  The heritage gardens at Glen Isla date back to 1870, but more recent additions include the resplendent passionfruit vine shown in the article here, and a large kitchen herb garden.   The roses from the gardens often adorn the guest rooms at Glen Isla when they are in bloom also.

Download the article in PDF here to read Madeleine's tips on Passionfruit! (warning this is a 2.3MB file!)


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